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1.What age is required to start beauty school?

State of Indiana requires that you are 17-18 with a high school diploma in order to take State Board licensing exam. So, Kay Moriah allows students to start as early as 16 years old for most of our courses.

2.Are there any mandates from KMISOB?

•KMISOB are allowing mask to be optional, but we do ask that if you have allergies or are coughing that you would where a mask out of respect for the students and clients.

•We will also follow CDC guidelines in class and on the clinic floor if pandemic precautions change in our country.

•Kay Moriah International School Of Beauty will also require a waiver for every student to sign releasing our school from any liability to any incident unrelated to being directly within the school

3.Are Covid vaccinations or any other vaccinations mandated?

•All students should to be up to date on all immunizations.

•The Covid- 19 vaccinations are optional for the students but if you are vaccinated you may give the school a copy of your vaccination card.

4.Are phones allowed in school?

•Cell phones or other personal communication devices such as I-Pads, computers, etc. should be in a silent mode and put away during lecture and clinical hours.

•They may be used only during designated breaks and lunch.

•If you are expecting a very important telephone call, or requiring making a call, you must notify the instructor prior to class regarding the nature of the situation (You are to clock out during an important or emergency phone call.)

•Keep phone on vibrate and if you receive a call, leave the room quietly and clock out before the call is taken.

•Cell phones must be placed on the instructors desk during test and quizzes and must be turned off or on vibrate.

•If disruptions from devices become a distraction the instructor is authorized to require the student to remove the device from class or lab and sent home for the rest of the day losing clock hours.

•Students may not charge cell phones during class time. Break time is acceptable.

•Students using a cell phone other than break time or without permission will not be allowed to bring the cell phone to school anymore. If an emergency occur the student will be allowed to use the schools telephone.

5.Does KMISOB give out scholarships?

Yes. We have a scholarship program that we offer to high school students once a year.

6.Do you accept Financial Aid or any other financial assistance?

We do not take financial aid at this time however,  we are apart of the INTraining/Workone program and they offer assistance to students to pay $5500.00 towards their schooling.

7.Do you offer payment plans for the tuition?

Yes. Tuition payments can be made bi-weekly, or monthly. If payment is made in full, we will offer a 5% discount.

8.Does KMISOB offer a Military discount?

Yes, a 5% discount. We proudly support our men and women who fight for our country everyday to keep us protected.

9.Is Kay Moriah International School of Beauty Accredited?

Yes.  Through the Barber and Cosmetology State Board of Indiana.

10.Does Kay Moriah International School Of Beauty transcripts transfer to other institutions?

Yes. Just as we have an option to accept documents from other school’s, other schools have the same options to accept our transcripts.

11.What will I need to enroll in KMISOB?

•Must have a high school diploma or equivalent (state mandated)

•Must be at least 16 years of age and in the process of acquiring, or already have your high school diploma or equivalent. 

•Apply to Kay Moriah International School of Beauty

•Non-Refundable $150 Enrollment fee

•Learning Style Assessment Test required

•Acceptance will be based on the above criteria

•Valid Id & Proof of US citizen (Driver’s license, US Passport, Birth certificate, & Social security)

12.Does KMISB accept students with disabilities?

Yes, Under the American Disabilities Act of 1990. Any student who may require special arrangements in order to meet course requirements because of a disability should contact Disability Services as soon as possible to make necessary arrangements. Once that process is completed, appropriate verification from Disability Services will be provided to the student and instructor. Please note that instructors are not required to provide classroom accommodations to students until appropriate verification from Disability Services has been provided. For additional information, please visit

13.What curriculum does KMISOB use?

KMISOB uses curriculum by Milady

14.Harassment And Discrimination Policy?

Kay Moriah International School of Beauty is committed to providing a learning environment where the individual differences of all students and employees are valued and respected. The Beauty school does not condone and has a (zero tolerance) policy regarding any discrimination or harassment that undermines the dignity, self-esteem, and productivity of any student or employee. Kay Moriah International School of Beauty considers harassment and/or discrimination by any employee or student to be a serious breach of human rights, which requires immediate resolution. Such resolution may include disciplinary measures up to and including dismissal or expulsion.

15. Does Kay Moriah International School of Beauty accept the G.I. bill?

We are in thee process of accepting the G.I. bill for military and veterans. KMISB had to be established for 2 years before we could accept the payment.

16. Does KMISB accept ESA?

Yes, we do! We are proud participants in the ESA program and have trained paraprofessionals onsite and available to provide any necessary aid for our students that need that extra one-on-one time. 

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