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Manicurist Course Objective

The 450-hour manicuring program consists of training in such topics as manicuring, pedicuring, acrylics, sculptor nails, silk wrap/fiberglass, dip, polygel, and gel nails.

Manicurist Course Description

The primary purpose of the program is to train students in both theory and practical skills, which will prepare them for state licensure and enhance their employment opportunities.

  • The program also provides information about career opportunities, seeking and obtaining employment and laws and regulations governing salon operation.
  • The program is particularly directed toward developing in the student desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation and safety and encourages self-reliance, readiness to assist others, and ethical approach to this profession, as well as the business and legal aspects of salon operations.

Manicurist Course Completion

Upon completion of the course of training and all course requirements, the determined graduate will:

  • Receive an education in both theory and practical skills and gain knowledge in all phases of manicuring.
  • Successfully pass the state board examination.
  • Have the opportunity to work in a professional nail salon as a licensed manicurist.
  • Be able to work in manicuring related occupations.
  • Have the knowledge and awareness of their professional responsibilities to both the clients and employer/employee relationships and effective communication skills.

Instruction Methods

Program outlines and lesson plans, lectures, practical demonstrations, audio-visual materials, hand mannequin and live model practical and clinic workshops, & written and practical evaluations .


Full-time and Part-time Student Academic Progress (i.e., evaluation on theory, practical and clinical works (however, clinical work is graded on a pass/fail basis only and will not be considered as part of the overall GPA) will be evaluated during the same time periods as stated above in the “Attendance Progress Evaluation”. Each student is expected to achieve a minimum grade point average of 75%.

Grading System

A = Excellent (91-100)

B = Good (81- 90)

C = Average (70 -80)

F = Failing (Below 70)

W = Withdraw Probation

Students who meet only one of the evaluation requirements attendance or academic, will be considered to be making satisfactory progress but shall be placed in a probationary status for a maximum of two (2) times. In order to be taken off of probationary status, a student must achieve a 75% rate of attendance and/or academics. If a student is placed on a second, consecutive probation, the student will be determined as not making satisfactory progress and will be considered for dismissal.

TEXTBOOKS: Milady’s Standard Nail Technology 8th Edition

Milady’s Standard Foundations

Nail Technology Topics

1.History and Career Opportunities

2.General Anatomy and Physiology

3.Skin Structure, Disorders, and Diseases

4.Nail Structure, Disorders, and Diseases

5.Nail Product Chemistry



8.Electric Filing

9.Nail Tips and Forms

10.Nail Resin Systems

11.Monomer Liquid and Polymer Powder Nail Enhancements

12.Gel Nail Enhancements

13.Nail Art

Foundations Topics

1.Life Skills

2.Professional Image

3.Communicating for Success

4.The Healthy Professional

5.Infection Control

6.Chemistry and Chemical Safety

7.Electricity and Electrical Safety

8.Career Planning

9.On the Job

10.The Beauty Business


Sanitation/Disinfection 40 Hours

Anatomy/Physiology 25 Hours

Discretionary Hours 45 Hours

Nail Techniques 190 Hours

Manicure 60 hours

Pedicure 35 Hours

Chemistry 10 Hours

Salesmanship 15 Hours

Electric Drill/File 20 Hours

Laws/Statues 10 Hours 


Full-Time Students Manicurist

450 Hours = 16 Weeks = 4 Months

Part-Time Students Manicurist

450 Hours = 32 Weeks = 8 Months  

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